Saturday, March 28, 2009


Finally I finished the presentation project for KJM641(Mechanics and Thermodynamics of Propulsion) successfully. It took 2 months to complete the project. This is group project consist of 10 members. Thanks to my teammate, Ram, Razmi, Safuan, Hirul, Faiz, Zafri, Azan, Fazil and Ihsan for their contribution. I’m feeling good now. It’s done successfully. So, I can concentrate on my Final Year Project.

A little bit info for our project:

Title: ISS Transit Spacecraft & Launcher Design

Mission objective:

Produce a Conceptual design of multi-staged rocket and transit spacecraft that will be capable of transporting at least 3 angkasawan to the ISS and returning them to the Earth.(Providing life support for about 30 days).

Project Requirement:

1) Multi-staged space launcher

2) Transit to LEO

3) Docking with the ISS

4) Return to earth safely

The result:

I did not attach here because it is too long. If you want the full document, please leave your email here. Thanks.

CAD modelling (exploded view)

Sub-scaled model display.

(We use rapid prototyping machine to produce the model.)


  1. bukan...roket ke ISS (International Space Station)...yg tempat Syed Muzaffar pergi dulu..=)

  2. giler ah! bole bawak blk kampung ni.

  3. salam bro..nak documen diatas..ada lagi ke?hehe