Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Farewell To Foothills by Emmett I

Farewell To Foothills

Up until this moment
Aboard the midnight train
In the beginning of a dream
A future lies unseen

Hold on, to your star

Say farewell to foothills
Let's greet the open sky
Where everyone wants to heal
United and alive

Whisper, against the wind

Whatever dark the fate may bring
Remember, truth is never hard to sing
Oh, stand tall
Stay strong enough

Cross, across the old Causeway
Aboard the Rhythm of the Night
Let's start a new life
A picture, a memory
Oh, of the Lion City

Run, runaway carefree
Ride the Rhythm of the Night
Tears for your homeland
We're making the history
North, to the Valley we go!

Leave, to get a little better
Breathe, breathe a little easier
The uneasiness won't last
It's time, time to turn the pages over...

Time, time to turn the pages o-ver.

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